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Golan Tour Day
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We ascend the Golan Heights along the scenic Yarmuk River with views into Jordan and Syria passing remains of Syrian fortifications from before 1967

We stop at the Peace Vista for a breathtaking lookout over the Kinneret and the Galil in summer we'll pick some wild figs and pomegranates

Moshav Nov Our next stop will be at Moshav Nov a modern Israeli orthodox farming village specializing in plants of the Jewish holidays see the halachah in practice on a modern farm and visit the exquisite synagogue.


Climb Israeli tanks at Katzabia and walk along the sparkling waters of the Mei Eden spring we'll dip our feet just to cool off. We'll talk about Jewish settlement here from the time of the Bible and the Mishnah.

Katzrin Golan's capital a guided tour and wine tasting at the Golan Heights Winery, felafel for lunch at the kosher food mall and a visit to the Talmudic village

Now we'll head north to the volcanic hills of the Golan, we'll stop at the Kuneitra lookout and describe the events of the Yom Kippur War (1973) and the Israeli spy Eli Cohen.

Climb Mt. Bental volcanic mountain and enter the Israeli bunkers here from the highest point in the Golan we will have a great view into Syria, we'll probably meet people from all over the world.

We'll finish the day with a self drive jeep ride along the back roads, through the orchards and vineyards and near the border with Syria.

Time permitting, we'll have a bite of delicious hand made chocolate at the charming De Karina chocolate emporium at Kibbutz Ein Zivan

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