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Galil / Galilee / Northern Israel Tour Day

Good morning!

We begin our day with a walking tour of the enchanted city of Tsefat visiting the Ari's synagogue, the Abuhav synagogue, and Tsefat candles where you can pick up unique havdalah candles. Be charmed by the winding alleys of the old Jewish quarter. Men can walk down to the Ari's Mikve for a once in a lifetime dip. We'll visit the artists colony and see artists at work creating beautiful Judaica and fine art. Stop for a lookout to Mt. Meron and say some Tehillim overlooking the graves of the Kabbalists.

Quick lunch on the main street of Tsefat - Jerusalem Street.

Drive through the Birya forest stopping at an ancient synagogue and a pioneer fort from Israel's War of Independence

Visit Meron the Tomb of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai' mincha prayers and colorful bazaar of Judaica items

We'll visit the new Adir winery at Dalton where we will be treated to their special Galil wines and delicious dairy products cheese, ice cream and yogurt. You won't want to get up.

We'll finish off our tour at Rosh Hanikra- for a cable car ride down to the most beautiful grottos and watch the sunset over the Mediterranean.

This is a day to remember and cherish!

the Kinneret at Tiveria

From the Kinneret at Tiveria to the Mediterranean at Rosh Hanikra!

sea caves at Rosh Hanikra

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