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Shalom Yehuda,

Nice to hear from you! Out if the three guides we had in Israel, you were by far our favorite :)
Luckily, we managed to miss the rain. It hit Tel Aviv the day before we got there and was sunny by the time we arrived. Weather in Jerusalem and the Dead Sea was also pleasant. The Bar Mitzvah was very special and Elliot did a nice job.
I'll make sure to send some photos in the next day or two. We have a lot of wonderful memories and the day in the North with you is at the top of the list!

All the best,

Talmudic period synagogue in the Golan Heights
recently excavated and reconstructed

Hi Yehuda,

Yehuda, Thank you so much for helping make our trip so memorable and far exceeding our expectations. It was great spending two days with you touring many sites that even long-time Israelis have never been to. There is so much we learned from you, from historical to modern day life. We are now documenting our itinerary and researching further to reinforce what you exposed us to.

We are sharing our experiences with all our friends and encouraging them to plan their next trip to Israel. Thanks again for sharing your lifetime of knowledge.

We wish you the best of health and happiness.

Michael and Maureen


Hi Yehuda,

Thank you for guiding us. We had an amazing time. We learn so much whenever we go with you. Attached are some pictures from our trip to Acco.


Dear Yehuda,

We had such a wonderful time on our 2 day Tiyul with you in the Galil and Golan, going through Tsefat and all the historical sites, and the beautiful farms and vineyards of the Golan, hearing the history of all the places we went, from Mishna and Crusades, the War of Independence and all the way up to current times; the Winery and Chocolate factory were delightful; overlooking the Syrian border and seeing the activity where the action is today... We all learned a lot and enjoyed our time with you-and seeing Chispin! Great memories for us all. Too short!! You are a wonderful historian and story teller.
Thank you.

Yafa Liberman, Yoseph and Meir


Thanks again for the wonderful two day trip up north. The family loved the Tel Dan nature walk, the educational visit to the sofer in Tzefat, the Arizal shul and candle factory. The Majrassa water hike in the Golan was a ton of fun, the old shul at Dir Aziz was fascinating and the Tel Saki memorial came alive with the background you provided. The golan heights winery gave us an appreciation for the wine making process and we will always remember the stories you told us about the hadassim field in Moshav Nov. The kids, my wife and I really bonded with your educational style of story telling and your love for Eretz Yisrael. The galil and and golan come alive in a totally new way with the right tour guide! Here are some pictures. Have a Chag Sameach and we will keep in touch! P.S. looks like we will opt for the aquakef option today after taking a tour of kibbutz lavi this morning. Then onto yeushalayim for Pesach.


israel trip from camera 06 2015 045


It was so informative and enjoyable to spend these two days with you on the Golan. We got to see and film so much. All this thank to your deep knowledge of this whole area. Your sense of love and attachment to this land is contagious.

Daniel Wencel and the group

Shalom Yehuda.

We had a wonderful trip and touring with you was the highlight of out visit. We learnt so much and had had such fun during our time together. I have recommended you to numerous friends and would happy to be a reference for you. I will forward you some pictures.

Shabbat Shalom,


israel trip from camera 06 2015 045

Hello Yehuda:

We're back in U.S. Thanks so much for showing us around Galil, Tzefat and Golan. Here are some photos.

Have a wonderful rest of the summer.
Kol tuv.
Ira Taub, Cleveland OH

Hi Yehuda.
Yep we are back in LA, and already trying to figure out when we can get to Israel next. Hopefully for Sarah's bat mitzvah on about a year and a half, though we'd like to come sooner.

Here are a couple of pictures. I included a few from our day up north.

Thank you again for an amazing day!! I'm still surprised we were able to pack so much into a single day.

Hope all is well.
Kol tuv

Dear Yehuda

Just a quick note to tell you that we are back in the U.S. and are enjoying telling the entire American population what a fabulous tour guide you are and how much we enjoyed our peeks into the Golan and Galilee. The Druze date honey leaked out into its bag but Devorah's quince preserves arrived intact and we are delighted to have our fill.

Many thanks for your informative well-organized and thoughtful picks of what we should see - from the borders to the myrtle, to the moshav and the pelicans, it was memorable!

We are already making plans to come back and might like to visit points north of where you took us. If so we will be in touch!

Best wishes,

activities in the ancient Synagogue in Katzrin

Yehuda, we arrived back in ny safely. We had a great trip. Thanks again for a wonderful, inspiring and learning experience on the west coast of northern Israel. We learned a great deal and had lots of fun while doing so.

I see it's snowing now in Israel, stay safe and hope your grandchildren have some fun playing in the snow.
All the best.
David Mandelbaum

Subject: Toda Raba
Shalom Yehuda,
Once again thank you for a wonderful three days in the North of Eretz Yisrael. The whole family enjoyed the informative way that you showed us the awesome features of this wonderful part of this incredible land.
We had a truly memorable three days and have the memories etched into our minds are also now on our computer screen. We plan to make a photo book of our trip and the photos of the North (many of which were taken by you) will feature prominently.

We pulled to together a quick collage of some of the places you helped us to enjoy and wanted to share it with you.

You really are the "Number 1 Madrich" as so eloquently expressed by the man in the park in Tiveria.

Have a wonderful vacation down South.
Looking forward to meeting up once again in the future.

Kol Tuv
Gary, Tamar, Nadav, Ori, Ellie and Tali

Well we are back in ny and miss Israel already. We had a great trip and our two days together were certainly a highlight for us. We experienced the north as we hoped by seeing a mix of moshavim, way of living, historic sites, activities, winery, chocolate and the absolute beauty of the north concluded with our stop in Meron and tsfat. And of course the zimmer and restaurant were great too.

We will send pictures as well but wanted to say thanks again for a great trip.

The apt we stayed at had the Haim Sabato book - which I read and was great. I loved the presence of Hashem in every experience he had and that he recognized it - remarkable.
We also met up with friends who after describing our tour we figured out they also used you (probably 3 yrs ago) - ari and Tova lutz.

All the best.
David Mandelbaum

Israel was amazing. Our family had a blast. It was a trip that will fill them with memories of a lifetime.

Thank you for your wonderful tour of the Golan you gave our family a great feel for the land.
Also thank you to you and your wife for you’re the warm Chanukah hospitality especially those amazing latkes!

I attached a few photos. You are welcome to use any of them on your website.


Rosh Hanikra
Hi Yehuda,
Lovely to hear from you – we have only been home a few days and I have been meaning to email and thank you for the wonderful day we shared with you.

The rest of our trip was wonderful and we all fell in love with Israel and hope to return as soon as we are able.

I have attached a few shots – one is of all of us on the day of our tour at the lookout over the Kinneret (Peace Vista?), I think taken by you actually. The others are of my brother and me in the grottoes at Rosh Hanikra, and of me with my daughters also at Rosh Hanikra. Feel free to use whichever ones you like.

We will certainly call on you again next time we are in Israel, and will give your details to others who are looking for a great guide.

Take care,
Caron and Ian

activities in the ancient Synagogue in Katzrin

Thanks for all your amazing stories, historical and geographical knowledge, and humor. You were a superb guide and we all were truly blessed to have you show us the North these past few days.

May Hashem bless you and your family always with good health and happiness!

Until the next time!
Devorah and Haim and girls

Hiking the Israel National Trail
Yehuda is a wonderful guide. In Israel, one expects to find guides who are knowledgeable; what is more unusual is to find a guide who does not take clients on a "canned" tour that varies little from client to client.

After corresponding with Yehuda in advance about our interests and about physical limitations (my father is 90 years-old), Yehuda designed a day that addressed our interests and that took into account our collective stamina. After reading David Grossman's "To the End of the Land," my father was expecially interested in hiking portions of the Israel National Trail.

Yehuda designed a day that included the historical sights of Tiberias, the Metzudat Koach (the Yesha Fortress - where 28 Palmach soldiers died in the War for Independence), and concluded at a fabulous Israeli winery (try their Cabernet and Port) and dairy (you will not believe their goat cheese ice cream with date sauce). In between we visited numerous drive-by like the village of Safed.

Yehuda gave us more than our money's worth with both his expertise and warmth. He is a guide who should not be missed.

David Chavkin

Golan Water Hike Madresse Stream
Hi Yehuda,
Thank you sooo much for making our time in Israel so wonderful. Not only did we all have a ton of fun, but we learned a lot as well.

As I promised please find some pictures.

Lara & family

Baniass Springs Golan Heights
Hi Yehuda – here is the first of a few pictures I will send.
Thanks for guiding us.


Ancient synagogue bima - Golan Heights
Shalom Yehuda,
Thanks for the note. We arrived home safely and on arrival heard the new news out of Israel. In fact, it has dominated the news here today.

I have attached to this email some pictures of all of us taken during the great 2.5 days we spent together in the Golan. Thanks for making it such a great adventure. I should also tell you the Hanukkiah has been placed with the others and will be used in less than a year from now. Thanks for the wonderful gift.

Look after yourself and best wishes to you and Debbie from all of us.


Berav Synagogue - Tsefat
Dear Yehuda:

Attached are some pictures that I found of you in from our Succot tour.

We very much enjoyed your tour and I hope to do it again soon.
I have recommended you to some friends and I hope that they have contacted you.


Hi Yehuda,
Thanks again for your guiding expertise.  We had such a great time and really enjoyed all your stories.  We especially appreciate your patience with the kids and adults as well and keeping the kids interested and excited.  I have attached a few pictures and will send along some more.  Please send me an itinerary of what we did.  I forgot the name of the places we went after Sfat (Chabad, Playground, Battle hill) and the places after Valley of Tears. 
Thanks again for everything,

Hi Yehuda,
I was logging on because I wanted to thank you once again for your guiding and your time, and was pleasantly surprised to find your email.  We really had a great time and a great visit.  I am amazed at how much of the country we were able to see in such a short time, and still get some visiting in.  I am really happy that Simon got to see (even if just by car) some of the places that he learned about (like general area of Rachav's house in Jericho)

Dear Yehuda  
We are now back in England and re-acclimatising to the cold wet weather. It has not stopped raining for the last week since we returned home. We had a wonderful holiday and I just wanted to thank you for the very memorable 3 days we spent with you. We saw a lot and leant a lot and enjoyed ourselves enormously.  
I wish you and your family a Ktiva veChatima tovah.  

Shalom Yehuda,
I miss Israel already and want to go back right away!  Instead I have to work and do all my regular things. Daniella and I agree that the whole trip was incredible however the Golan/Galilee days were definitely a major highlight. Thank you so much for your great touring abilities; your extensive knowledge and experience really shone through. I am glad that we persevered and saw my relative, and went to Baruch's gravesite. I felt that those things were important to do. The Galliee/Golan is fascinating -next trip i will want to go back to your area some more.

I am telling everyone what an awesome trip we had and how wonderful Is. is. Many people are very surprised to hear all the good things-dispelling many myths. The pictures are pending.

Hello Yehuda,
This is Jan writing you from the United States.  It has been about a month now that we are back home, and we still continue to talk about the wonderful time we had in Israel.  We are even talking about when we can return.
I wanted to thank you again for making our Golan experience a time to remember.  I know we only had a chance to scratch the surface but you were instrumental in allowing us to make the most of it.  We had a fantastic time with you and you made our visit incredibly enjoyable.  We can't thank you enough.
Everyone says hello and Daniel says he really misses you.  He wants you to come and visit him here in the U.S. so he can show you around too  :-).
Thank you again.

Hi Yehuda.  
We had a great time touring with you.  We all learned a lot.  We're actually still in Israel.  We leave Wed. night at midnight. 
My sister-in-law and kids devoured their chocolates in about 15 seconds.  We still have some of ours.  We're saving them to take them home.  De Karina is a great place! 
I haven't looked at my pictures yet, but would be happy to forward any to you. 
Decks was a great experience.  The kids loved it.  
Thanks again for everything.  I'll be in touch.

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